The Harrington Park Mission Sunday School Chapel

The Community Church is the oldest church in Harrington Park with roots that can be traced to 1898, when members of the community wishing to worship in God’s name gathered as an adult Sunday School. The first gathering was held in the dental office of Dr. William T. LaRoche.

As attendance grew, this simple Sunday School class became known in 1899 as the Harrington Park Mission Sunday School. In 1904 a Chapel was built for the growing congregation on Columbus Avenue. That same year, a formal application to join the Reformed Church in America was made and accepted. The Mission Sunday School adopted the name The Reformed Church of Harrington Park.

The Church held its first meeting as the Reformed Church on March 3rd 1908. At that meeting, twenty-two members were received into the congregation by letter of transfer and nine by confession of faith. And, in the weeks to follow, the first Consistory of two Elders and two Deacons were elected.

On July 7th 1948,  the congregation voted to adopt its present name, The Community Church in Harrington Park. A new sanctuary was erected on the corner of Harriot Avenue and Spring Street and dedicated in 1956. Later, in 1964, the educational wing and Founders Hall were added to the Church.

More than a century later, our Community Church enjoys a congregation that stems from a diversity of religious heritage coming from more than twenty communities. Today the Community Church continues to serve Harrington Park and surrounding communities. It is a church with the community in its heart.

								 								 								 								 								 								 								 Added in 1964, Founders Hall is a beautiful gathering place for our church family.

As we share God’s love with others and commit ourselves to preaching and teaching the Word of God, we are guided by our mission statement which is; “To share God’s love within the community.”

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								 								 								 								 								 								 								 								 								 								 								 Architect’s rendering for our current location, built in 1956
								 								 								 								 								 								 								 								 								 								 								 								 Proposed floor plan for our current location, built in 1956.