When people visit the Community Church in Harrington Park, they usually remark about how friendly the congregation is. You can expect our typical warm welcome. You can also expect a worship service that is biblically centered. Our congregation believes in acceptance of where you’re at – we have a great diversity of beliefs, with folks on the left, right and center. We celebrate unity but not uniformity rooted in Christ our Savior! It’s our privilege to embrace folks of all sorts of varying abilities, and we’ve made our building accessible in order to do so.

About Our Congregation

Our congregation is part of the Reformed Church in America, the oldest denomination in the United States. We follow an informal liturgy and use everyday language. Our dress for worship can be somewhat informal too, ranging from jeans to dresses and suit jackets. Our worship service uses a mixture of contemporary songs and Psalms with guitar as the central instrument, and many of the majestic traditional hymns played on piano and organ. While many churches have had to set their choirs aside, our choir is going strong and makes beautiful music.

Kids obviously are an important part of who we are. Just as each adult is trying to grow into Jesus’ vision of us, we also try to nurture our kids. We hope they’ll eventually feel that there was never a time in their lives they weren’t sure they were in the embrace of God.

We’re constantly working to become a more and more faithful congregation. We look to the Bible to see who it says churches and Christians should be, and then we try to move in that direction.

We are the Community Church in Harrington Park, and so we serve Harrington Park and the surrounding communities. Each year we raise money to fund weekend meals for hungry kids and invite the community to the church to help pack those meals. We support missionaries serving the many nationalities who are guest workers in Oman. We help to send Christmas gifts around the world in the name of Christ. Compassion – the welfare of folks the world over – is much on our minds.

Join us!

We hope you’ll come by for a visit. We think you will find people who form deep relationships, a place with a desire for each person to become a little more like Jesus, and folks who desire to serve each other and the world we live in.

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